Arizona Eases Marijuana Dispensary Renewals



Arizona medical marijuana regulators are easing rules imposing a deadline for would-be operators of dispensaries to apply for annual renewals of their state certificates.

Health Services Director Will Humble announced Wednesday that his department will accept renewal applications from all current certificate holders whether their dispensaries are open or not.

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Phoenix Police Arrest “Candy Man” Who Stole Thousands of Dollars in Gas Station Sweets



Phoenix Police are announcing the arrest of an elusive thief who repeatedly shoplifted from valley Circle K stores.

Police say Jordan Newman is responsible for at least 35 thefts between November 2012 and June 2013. He allegedly shoplifted at least $2,900 in product, primarily candy bars.

He would later sell it to a “fence” for drugs or cash.

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AZ Officials Still Mum On Solar



For various political reasons folks seem to be resisting the mass of energy and cash that can come off of solar. Fun to read articles like this because they are so illogical.

It’s expected that solar energy would thrive in a state where the sun shines. A lot.

Those potent rays, abundant open spaces yearning for new jobs, and an emphasis on sustainability have been powerful catalysts for the industry here.

Why wouldn’t Arizona be the solar capital of the world? Gov. Jan Brewer has suggested as much many times.

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